San Fermin Fiesta (festival) is celebrated every year from 6th to 14th July.  During this time, the city of Pamplona bursts into life with one of the most amazing parties you will ever be part of.  Below are some of the major events that are held during this time.

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Running of the Bulls

For most people this is what its all about - that bucket list item.  Wheather is watching or running this is certainly the most famous of all the events at San Fermin Festival.

As part of your package, you will be able to witness the spectacle of the runners and Bulls crashing down the streets of Pamplona.  Some people may like to get a little closer to the action and watch it from the street.  You can stand behind the fences that mark the route of the bullrun - but to get the best spots on top of the fence directly overlooking the run you need to arrive early.  Around 6am early!

Alternatively you can make your way to Plaza de Toros (the bullring) and watch the end, as bulls – and terrified runners– arrive into the arena.

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Each evening of the festival, crowds gather at Plaza de Toros to witness the Spanish tradition of the Bullfights. 

In the stands the panas (local social clubs) bring a nonstop atmospeher of revelry to this event.  They arrive with their colorful banners and bands and from this point the fun, and noise, never ceases.


The Opening Ceremony - July 6th

The opening ceremony - Chupinazo – is an unforgettable event! 

On July 6th crowds gather all morning in the Plaza Ayuntamiento for the start of San Fermin Fiesta. The passion and intensity builds every minute until it reaches a crescendo at midday, when there isn’t an inch of free space in the packed square.  At this point the mayor and members of the council step out onto the balconies of the Town Hall to greet the crowds.  A nominated person shouts the announcement "Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!" The crowd responds with cries of "Viva!" & "Gora!" and the rocket erupts with an explosion into the midday sky.  

San Fermin festival is underway!  Hundreds of bottles of champagne are popped and sprayed liberally over the crowds at Town Hall, marking the start of the weeklong party.


Procession of San Fermin - July 7th

For those on our Opening Ceremony package, you will be able to witness the traditional Procession of San Fermin.  On July 7th, the official entourage in all their finery and ancient costume, accompanied by all kinds of music bands and the Giants (whirling giant statues), make there way to the Church of San Lorenzo.  Once at the cathedral, the figure of San Fermin is gathered and the paraded around the streets.

The route is jam-packed with crowds to see the image of the saint and the entourage.  Here you will witness the locals paying tribute to San Fermin and listening to the sounds of the Pamplona Choir.

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Daily Events

These events take place each day throughout the festival.  In some instances full details (time and route) are not available until a few weeks before they take place.  Your Insider guide will be able to help with details once in Spain. 

Gigantes and Kilikis Parade

Every morning - Traditional paper mache giant’s dance through the streets of Pamplona

1pm    Apartado

Bulls are assigned to the Matador for the afternoon bullfight

8pm     Pena Bands

Every night after the bullfights from Plaza de Toros follow the raucous march with Penas through the city.

10pm Toro de Fuego

Fireworks Bull Run – A metal frame resembling a bull, with fireworks and sparklers attached, is set alight.   The “Bull” is then carried the frame runs around town, as if chasing people in the streets. 

11pm Bull Viewing

The pastores walk the bulls for the next morning’s run up to Corrales de Santo Domingo.  Can view the march from inside the corrales del Gas

11pm Fireworks

Each night fireworks are set off from Citadel Park