Each morning of the fiesta you can feel the tension and excitement building.  You see the nervous glances of the runners as the adrenaline starts pumping as they prepare for this amazing experience.

While we understand Running with the Bulls will be a bucket list item to be checked off by some of our guests, there are some things that you need to know before you jump in front of a rampaging beast.  

Runners require a cool nerve, quick reflexes and a good level of physical fitness. Anyone who does not have these three should not take part. It is a highly risky enterprise.  Over the years runners have sustained serious injuries and 15 people have been killed.

The run is approximately 825 meters and will take approximately 3 – 5 minutes

You must be over 18 to run

Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear

Follow directions from officials and police


  • Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Cross police barriers 
  • Stand in areas and places along the route that have been expressly prohibited by the municipal police force
  • Before the bulls are released, wait in corners, blind spots, or doorways located along the run
  • Carry objects (this includes cameras)
  • Incite bulls or attract their attention
  • Run backwards towards the bulls or run behind them
  • Stopping along the run and staying on the fence or barriers

An inexperienced runner should learn about the characteristics of this dangerous event before starting, and take measure for their own safety and that of fellow runners.

While your Insider guides will be able to assist with information on where you need to be at the start, they will not be running with you – are you mad?