Want more from your San Fermin Expereince?  Let us Help you.  Below we have listed some of the fun extras that we love or know that are favorites with our guests.

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Balcony Viewing

Lets face it this is what most of us come for.  If you would like an extra morning perched high above the madness of the bull run, let us know the preferred day and we will be able to make arrangements for you. 

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Spanish Cooking Class

We love our food and enjoy introducing our Insiders to local cuisines of the places we travel to.  In Pamplona we are able to arrange classes where you can learn how to make Sangria, Tapas and other traditional foods. 

These are fun, interactive classes lead by local experts, where you will get your hands dirty and learn new skills that you can take home with you.    Of course its not all work - you get to enjoy those tasty treats you have worked so hard on at the end of each class.


VIP Balconies for Opening Ceremony

If you want to see the opening ceremony but not be jostled around in the madness, this may be the spot for you.  The opening ceremony is by far the most hectic and exciting day of the San Fermin Festival.  Crowds gather all morning and it becomes a frenzy of excitement at midday when the Festival is officially declared open. 

VIP balconies are a lot of fun and offer a great vantage to watch the party at your feet. 


San Sebastian Day Trip

Want to see some more of Spain?  The San Sebastian day trip allows you to enjoy the Spanish sunshine on one of the countries most spectacular coastlines.  A bus will pick you up from the hotel and take you through the countryside to the coast.  Once in San Sebastin, one of our local guides (bi-linguial) will join the group and be able to make this short trip, action packed and memorable. 



Bull fight

So this is a very controversial event that a lot of people prefer not to be part of.  We leave it up to the individual.  All of our guides choose not to participate in this event and we respect that decision.  Of course if you would like to attend we can make those arrangements for you and point you in the right direction on the day.

The Bull Fight has a long standing tradition in Spain dating back to 711AD.  In those times it was for aristocrats on horse back.  Today the bullfighter (matador) is no longer on horse back and shows off his skills to the thousands of Spaniards that flock to local bull rings each week.

One wrong move by the matador could become impaled on the horns of the bull but essential this is a dance with death for the bull.